Sunday, July 25, 2010

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Do you know what Oscent stands for?
• Oscent stands for: One Stop Centre
• It's the name specially design years ago for the one and only store existed in Kulliyyah of Engineering (KOE), IIUM which is organized by our students itself.


It is located at:

• E1-2-11
• the store is located next to Enginius OR (operation room)
• you might found staircase between E1 and E2 building at level 2...and we are around there!

• after classes at E1 building in the afternoon, you might be hungry and crave for food! as you walk to Kaed Cafe, you might walk pass our store... it's on your right!

Who are those people that organize the store?

• The store is under supervision our kulliyyah based society which is ENGINIUS.
• The store is handled and organized by entrepreneruship exco aka enginpreneur exco and its subcommitees.

• if there, anyone of you... the student of KOE who interested to be involved, sign up as a new subcommitee next tenure!

What kind of service and product the store provides?

• workshop jacket
• lab coat jacket (for biotech students)
• safety shoes (for workshop)
• Enginius T-shirt
• beverages and snacks
• topup/reload and simcard(youthclub only)
• stationery
• photocopy service
• newspaper
• magazine (i luv islam + solusi)
• 2nd hand textbook- we help you to sell the book too!
• HOT COUNTER [hot drinks : milo, nescafe, tea, milk tea, chocolate + creamer+sugar]

You are welcomed!!!
Be please to stop by at One Stop Center…

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